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Cosonic Electronics Co., Ltd participated in 2007 China-Kazakhstan(Horgas)Export Fair

Fair Introduction
The orientation of 2007 China-Kazakhstan Horgas International Trade Cooperation Centre Export Fair is:The display, negotiation, order and export of Chinese merchandise which have actual effect. 80% of Light Industry manufacture in Central Asia comes from China; The trade turnover of Sinkiang and Central Asia constitutes 80% of the total volume of China to Central Asia; 80% of the products exports from Sinkiang to Central Asia comes from hinterland. The huge market demand will provide inner suppliers a substantive marketing space.

Eight advantages of Horgas port:
1.Backing��Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO for short in the followings) Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a regional international organization which constituted by China, Russia, Kazakhstan��Kirgizstan, Tadzhikistan and Uzbekistan.

2.Mode��Transnational free-trade area
China's Minister of Commerce:The way to future development of Shanghai Cooperation Organization in economic field is to strike up a free-trade area, in which merchandise, capital and labor services can flow conveniently. This free-trade area takes Horgas port as the base point.

3.Carrying out:People's Republic of China and Republic of Kazakhstan
On July.4. 2005, China and Kazakhstan signed in due form to establish ��Horgas International Frontier Cooperation Centre�� together,Horgas obtained recognition and opportunity that never have before from then on. In ��Middle-Western Asia Regional Economic Cooperative High-level Forum Aide-memoire�� in July 2006, Horgas was even upgraded to the demonstrative height of ��SCO�� deepening regional economic cooperation. Two countries create a same border city, which is unprecedented all over the world.

4. Orientation��"SCO" free-trade area supreme headquarters
2006. 6. 3,The building on China and Kazakhstan Horgas International Frontier Cooperation Centre began over all at port Horgas,that's a new model of economic and trade cooperation among countries which was facilitated by both China and Kazaknstan.

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